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Why get involved?

"It is a reminder of innocence, joy and how special needs individuals can continue to remind us of the value they bring to our world.  Jesus said something to the effect of having the faith of a child---and with these young adults that we work with, it is shown through their interactions"

-Cathy Spies


"The Journey program is important to me because we serve an undeserved and misunderstood population of parish members who need the Word of God set in words that have meaning to them.  The Journey program has also allowed this same group equal participation in Mass as servers, ushers, readers, singers, etc. especially through our Journey masses as well as some of the regular masses.  I gain the friendship of many more friends that I might only otherwise see in passing at church.  The Journey Friends have blessed us with their wisdom-thru the eyes of the innocent and their unconditional love.  It is a wonderful program."

-Liz Kryst

Group Leader

"The Journey program is important to me because I get to interact with lovely people who have special needs and with wonderful, caring, life-affirming people who want to spend their time sharing their spiritual gifts with others.  I gain a respect for all of God's children."

-Rachel Zimmer

Mentor and Activity Coordinator

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